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Some parts of my jewels are matt! why?
The shiny stuff on your porcelain piece is glaze. Melted glass. The pieces are baked in a kiln with high temperatures on a big stone. For preventing the pieces to melt stuck on the stone, one side has to be clear of glaze. This will be matt. Off course I make sure you don't see this while wearing. Porcelain shrinks 16% and because of the arch in the croissants I can't fire them hanging.
How to take care of gilded products?
Gilded means a thin layer of gold that covers metal. Atelier Vanrosa uses high quality gilded necklaces. Still you need to take good care of your purchase. Don't leave it in moist rooms like the bathroom, don't use perfume or bodylotion on the place you wear your jewelry an take it of before swimming or showering! This way u enjoy it much longer. The PH of your skin is something that can also influence the gold layer. Everybody has a different skin.
Are all the dishes food safe?
Yes, except the ones with the mother of pearl overglaze. you can put dry foods in them but no food with moisture.
Are the dishes and plates dishwasher, microwave and oven safe?
All the pieces are dishwashersafe but I recommend washing them by hand. Mother of pearl and gold can fade in time while using the dishwasher. Pieces with gold are not microwave and oven safe.
How can I remove heavy stains from the unglazed parts?
Try rubbing some baking soda with a soft toothbrush on it.
Why are there differences between 2 of the same products?
Due the handmade nature of the products no pieces are the same. Different tones in colour and characteristic imperfections are in the nature of the materials and production process.
The color of my ordered product differs from the same product online, why?
The color you see online is different on every monitor. I try to make the photo's as true as possible but small variaties in color tone are possible.
Why is the product I received not signed?
That means you got one of the first batch I made! The latest versions have a stamp but are no different then the earlier produced. Most of my jewelry is not signed because of the size.
When will my order be sent?
Every wednesday I sent out all orders so the delivery time depends on the day you ordered. if you're lucky will It will be sooner. Contact me If you are in a rush!
Can I receive my order wrapped as a gift?
Sure! Mention you request with your order or by email.
What is the return policy?
Sometimes the things we love don't always work out. No problem! Fill out the return form and send your order back within 14 days after delivery (shipping costs four you). You receive your refund before and no later than 3o days. Make sure the product hasn't been used, damaged, and returned in original packaging. Custom made orders are not refundable.
Can I visit Atelier VANROSA in Culemborg?
Yes you can during the "open studio days". The dates will be announced at Instagram. Off course you can also make an appointment.

For any other questions or saying hello, feel free to contact me!

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