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About Rosa


Since I was a child I’ve had a great interest in beautiful things. Especially the things that bring out my inner Princess. Artistic styles from the 18th century and the stories that come with it… Seductive vintage women’s wear… A fantasy world with mermaids and treasures.. My mothers belongings that triggered my imagination always disappeared to my room :)  

Growing up my preference for some things never changed; the inner wish to escape and indulge in a world that’s not actually here anymore… if it ever was;) By working with ceramics I found a way to create a reality with all these things I love and share them with others.

Based in Culemborg (The Netherlands), on the beautiful Estate Anckerwaerdt, I now have my own paradise. Here I  create my work and spend some quiet time away from the city. Besides sculptural pieces I design functional table wear and jewelry. Things made by Atelier VANROSA are something different. The oval shape, powder colors and gold characterize my work.

Creating the perfect piece is not my intention. It’s about creating a piece from the perfect fantasy. Everything is handmade and only produced in small limited edition batches. So If you purchase any, you know you own something special!

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Some useful information ;

Rosa Marijn Oostveen-Nicolaes was born in 1985, graduated from the Bachelor productdesign at Utrecht University of the Arts in 2014 and is currently working there parttime as a ceramics instructor.