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About Rosa

Since I was a child I was always fascinated by beautiful things. My mothers jewelry, palaces we visited on vacation, my grandmothers perfume bottles and vintage dresses. All of these typical feminine things. I grew up but my inner princess is still there. 

While graduating from the University of the arts did I find my true passion. Inspired by the artistic styles and historical facts of the feminine royals in 18th century France, I created a collection of porcelain sculptures. They were jewelry for the home. Since then I'm in love with everything porcelain and everything French.

Now I design porcelain jewelry in my studio in Culemborg. Everything is handmade and produced in small batches. Characteristic are the sweet and feminine designs, powder pastel colors, dashes of gold and shimmery mother of pearl. If you purchase any you know you have something special. 

Find me on INSTAGRAM , I would love to connect with you!

Some little facts for those who are interested: My Full name is Rosa Marijn Oostveen - Nicolaes (yes I'm married!), Born in 1985, graduated in 2014 from my Bachelor of Design at HKU and like croissants.